Never Be Alone.

The fact that you're a little bit older, doesn't mean you suddenly became an introvert, right? There's no reason why you shouldn't be socializing just because you can't go out dancing... Rounds lets you hang out and enjoy the company of other people by matching you with pre-vetted, quality participants to engage in safe, 1 on 1 video chats together.

Feel Connected Again.

Getting older sucks. Half of all people aged 75 and over live alone, and one in 10 people aged 65 or over say they always, or often, feel lonely. Loneliness can be easily brought on by a lack of communication, companionship or relationships with other people and there's really no reason it will happen to you. With Rounds, you can connect and video chat with a group of elite people like you from all around the world. People who don't want to feel isolated anymore and have decided to do something about it. Join us today to be one of them.
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So simple, even our grandmother did it.

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Praises We Got

Just a few things our members had to say about us.

My grandson opened this for me and I just love it. It's like having someone next to you at all times usually smiling at you. I'm not very good at computers but it's really easy - there are almost no buttons to press and the support team is always there to make sure I'm satisfied. Hooray!
Jacky Alen, 75, Houston, USA
I've been on Rounds for the 8 months and I have to admit it has changed my life. I was always a very social person, but in the last few years, I found myself staying at home more and more and being alone for days. When I opened my account at Rounds, I immediately started meeting new people and making friendships. It's a little awkward at first, but it's exciting!
Bob Musk, 71 Years Old, Philadelphia, USA
Not sure what to write here because I've only been using this for a few weeks now, but I wanted to just say thank you! I had no idea something like this exists and when my friend told me about it, I immediately asked my son to connect me to this. It was very easy to set up and now I'm talking to people all the time. This is good.
Thomas Wilson, 83, Brighton, UK
I'm almost 90 and I've been retired for as long as I can remember and my husband died a long time ago and I'm alone all the time. Rounds has helped me keep my sanity and I get to see and hear people even if sometimes they don't understand me and I don't understand them. Hahahaha.
Rachel Levy, 89 Years Old, Tel Aviv, Israel
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