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| by Berry Ventura-Lev

Just as I signed my employment contract at Rounds, I found out that in a team of 15 software developers there was just one female developer. Well, with so few women in this field you can imagine I was very happy that there was one! If you are a female software developer, you probably know the feeling….

A couple of days before I even started working. I discovered that this developer, Irit Malka, was the woman who ignited the “Women Who Code Israel” meetings at Google Campus! I was impressed and excited to find out what these meetings were all about and so I joined them.

Irit, a born hard-core hacker would go to many coding meetups and hackathons and feel frustrated that she could hardly see any women participants…. She would look hard to find them and pair up. One day she shared her frustration with another woman developer and entrepreneur, Ruti Polacheck. Ruti who had previously participated in Women Who Code meetings happening at San Fransisco, joined forces with Irit and the two of them backed up by Google, founded the Women Who Code Israel group.

The meetings take place once a week at Google Campus TLV. We meet, we code, we help each other, we learn and most importantly we enjoy the -so hard to be found!- experience of developing software among other women. Women who code at different levels of knowledge and experience, using a number of different languages gather together to code and support each other. More and more women join, and in addition to Irit & Ruti a number of us have volunteered to help out in organizing additional events & lectures and also in helping out the less experienced.

Weekly hacknights at Google Campus

Weekly hacknights at Google Campus

A lot of women showed interest in learning how to develop android applications, so two weeks ago I prepared a lecture/workshop on Android Development Fundamentals. About 100 female developers participated!

Ruti Polachek, Chairman, Founder Women Who Code Israel introducing my lecture

Ruti Polachek, Chairman & Founder Women Who Code Israel, introducing my lecture

Here is me, lecturing

Here is me, lecturing

The week after that, I naturally became the group’s android mentor. Since then, on regular weekly hacknights, the women learning android or working on android development projects gather in one table and I am going around from one to another, helping each in whatever it is that she needs. Sometimes it’s technical advice/teaching concepts in Java/Android, sometimes it’s brainstorming ideas, sometimes just looking together at something that doesn’t work and other times it’s a “Wow, how did you do that?”, “Go Girl!” kind of conversation…

Irit & I on a hacknight

Irit & I on a hacknight

I am so grateful to have joined two wonderful groups at once. My new family at Rounds, a group of people each with his/her own unique professional expertise and amazing personality and a fantastic group of women who support each other and grow personally and technically.
I am having “Fun-Together-Now” every day :)

If you are a female developer and want to join the fun,
get on the “women who code” facebook/meetup groups:

Happy Rounding!

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