10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

| by Natasha Shine

It’s finally Valentines Day! This is the holiday women wait around for all year, so make sure you get your gal something good! Flowers picked from the garden, a stuffed bear from the gas station, or a candy bar you picked up at the grocery store won’t do it this year. If you need some help with gift ideas then take a look at the list we’ve provided below.

1. Jewelry

“Diamonds are a girls best friend”! Any girl would be happy to get some jewelry, and if you can’t afford diamonds, ruby’s, or emeralds, you can always get a personalized charm bracelet!

2. Chocolates

They say that chocolate triggers the same hormones that create orgasms. So get her a big box of chocolate and give her a night to remember.

3. Oversized Stuffed Animal

Some may say this is a dorky idea, but she will have it to think about you. And big stuffed animals are the perfect cuddle buddy! Well maybe not this big…

4. Mixed Tape

This is a cute gift idea to give her a CD/playlist with all of the songs that remind you of her.

5. Tickets to Her Favorite Show

Whether your girl is into the ballet, punk music, basketball, or ice skating, take her to something she likes. Buying tickets and spending the night doing what she enjoys will really mean a lot!

6. Spa Day

Give her a day she can never forget by relaxing her with a trip to the Spa. One massage can go a long way.

7. Shoes!

Every girl loves shoes! a cute pair of pumps, or sexy black boots are always in style. Just make sure you have the right size!

8.Surprise Weekend Trip

The most romantic Valentines Day date is to sweep your girl off her feet and take her away for the weekend. Just remember to give her enough time to pack.

19. Lingerie

This is a win-win for everybody!

10. Personalized Gift

Show her you were paying attention! Give her a tennis racket, a ski helmet, a pair of rollerblades, or whatever she has been eyeing all this time. It could even be a pre-tense to your date idea!

Keep these ideas in mind this Valentines Day! Do you have any other gift ideas that we forgot? Let us know in the comment section below! Happy Valentines Day!


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