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| by Natasha Shine

All of us at Team Rounds are very happy to announce the release of Rounds Live, a friendly multiuser video chat platform where you can connect with you friends on your favorite websites! (available at

Rounds Live is a completely scalable platform, allowing millions of people to enjoy the same content at the same time through a “rooms” concept. With just one click, Rounds Live instantly turns any website into a live viewing conference party with every website potentially hosting an infinite number of rooms, and each room holding up to 12 people.

See how Rounds Live works in the demo below

Click on this link to use Rounds Live!

So how does Rounds Live work? Rounds Live adds “video chat bubbles” to any web page and allows users to get together and interact with their friends while enjoying their favorite content together. Rounds Live operates as a transparent layer that sits independently on top of the content, regardless if the content is static, live or VOD.

Live of Rounds Live in use

Rounds Live Partners with X-Factor

This past winter Rounds and X-Factor Israel partnered together to give the online viewers of the X-Factor an even better user experience. Throughout the collaboration we discovered that over 20% of all online viewers choose Rounds Live to enhance their experience by watching the competition with their friends. During that time Rounds Live users were found to spend an average time of 55 minutes using Rounds Live with an average of 5 of their friends.


Top 5 favorite ways to use Rounds Live:

(1) Watch your favorite reality shows like X-Factor, The Bachelor or The Amazing Race
(2) Watch Sports like Football, Basketball & Baseball with your friends
(3) Keep up with friends who live far away by watching your favorite TV series (Like the new season Game of Thrones!)
(4) Share historic moments like Presidential speeches and breaking news with colleagues and professionals
(5) Use Rounds Live to collaborate on Google Docs with your friends or study partners

Rounds Live Continues to Grow …

Currently Rounds is in process of building additional partnerships with companies & brands in industries like Entertainment, Sports, Reality, Music and more!

If you’re interested in collaborating with Rounds to strengthen your brand and build a bigger audience please email

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