Rounds is joining Kik!

| by Natasha Shine

Hey you, amazing and beautiful people from all over the world who use Rounds.

We love you so much.

Do you know that we’ve, like, been around since 2009? Yes, this is us signing off and saying goodbye.

You’re probably familiar with only one or two of our products, but we had quite a few during this long ride. Here is a short history of everything we did in less than 1 minute: we started with the website that was like video chat dating only not, then we rode the Google Wave with our very own gadget and now no one even knows what Google Wave is. A bit later we launched the successful Video Chat Rounds Facebook application that had millions of users video chatting daily, and finally the Rounds mobile app that was downloaded by more than 25 million people globally. In the midst of everything, we also had a Chrome extension called Rounds Live that you totally missed out on because it was incredible and a gaming plugin called Live Rounds. For our swan song, we launched a very cool mobile app named Booyah that for every push notification you got, it said “Booyah” and it was really funny.

As the song goes – round round, get around, we got around.

Our goals were always the same – we wanted to connect people and make them smile. That’s basically it. When you wrote comments in Google Play or the App Store saying how much fun you had on Rounds even though you’re thousands of miles away, or how using the effects made you laugh out loud and feel like you’re right there together with your friends, or that time you said that we saved your relationship with our YouTube activity – that’s when we were at our happiest. We felt you and it was emotional and it was heart warming. Keep doing it you guys, even if it won’t be for us anymore.

So now it’s time to take everything we’ve learned (and boy that’s a lot) and reach new goals and new heights. We are joining Kik only because we feel that together we can accomplish amazing things, all while keeping loyal to our vision and beliefs. We want all of you to keep having the best experiences you had on Rounds, we want to keep putting smiles on your faces and we want to keep working on connecting people. We feel that the best way this can be accomplished is through Kik. You should definitely try it out if you haven’t already, it’s super awesome.


All Rounds applications will be shutting down completely in 7 days and there will be no access to them anymore. This will allow us to focus on bringing the best parts of our apps to more than 300 million users on Kik’s platform. So you have until 2/2/2017 to keep on enjoying Rounds.

Yep. That’s about it. Keep it real.



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