Rounds 1st Hackathon

| by Aviv Laufer

Here at Rounds, we like to challenge ourselves and explore new horizons. We love to code and experiment with new ideas and new technologies. We figured out that doing a Hackathon would be a fun way to achieve that. Everyone on the team was encouraged to come up with fun ideas to enhance engagement, retention and virality.

A week before the hackathon we created a shared document where everyone could enter their ideas alongside a short description. On the morning of the hackathon we gathered together and each idea got a 30 second introduction.


After the introduction, everyone got to vote on 3 ideas. The top 5 ideas were chosen and then each team member had to decide which idea they wanted to work on. 45 minutes later we started discussing the ideas and the fun began.




The teams started to do some design and created the work plan for the day



The team structure brought together people from different development groups. One of the teams was a women-only team that combined a server engineer, an Android engineer and a graphic designer. This team worked on a gamification feature in Javascript – not a language they regularly use in their day jobs.

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Other ideas ranged from a fun feature for the mobile app, to bridging the communication gap between our web and mobile clients.


The teams worked as much as they wanted during the day, some even kept working into the night and throughout the weekend in order to complete implementing their ideas.

On Sunday morning each team presented their work to the entire company and everyone was given the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about each project.

Everyone had a lot of fun during this short yet productive project, and we found out that we can do some really amazing stuff in only one day.

We are all looking forward to our next Hackathon and look forward to updating you on the next batch of ideas.

If you have an idea you think we should try on our next Hackathon, please leave it in a comment below.

Happy Rounding!


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