8 Romantic New Year’s Date Ideas

| by Natasha Shine

All girls love romantic holidays like Valentines day and Anniversary’s, but New Year’s can be the most romantic holiday of all. Here are some tips for those guys out there planning your most romantic New Year’s date. Get your pencils ready!

1. Boat Ride

If you live somewhere near water, then a nice date idea is taking a romantic boat ride in the moonlight. With just you and the waves, it will give you some nice alone time to catch up and relax.

2. Salsa Dancing

Salsa is a sexy, sensual dance where you can get close and personal with your partner. This will help to get the heat up for later in the night (if you know what I mean).

3. Ice Skating/Snow Sports

This gives you the perfect excuse to cuddle up for warmth with your loved one. Grab some hot chocolate, curl up by the fire and spend some quality R&R.

4. Moonlit Picnic

Picnic’s are always a cute idea for a date. Grab your honey’s favorite food and a nice warm blanket. Find a romantic spot on a hill or in a park, and let the night unroll.

5. Romantic Dinner

Don’t waste the money for going out and spend some one on one time. Cook for your girl, or plan something fun to cook together while sharing a bottle of wine. Add some candelight and you’ve got the perfect atmosphere for a romantic New Year’s date.

6. Weekend Getaway

Who doesn’t love a getaway for a few days? Especially when you can get some alone time with the one you love. Make sure there is a hot tub and you can’t go wrong.

7. Common Interest

A large part of being in a relationship is sharing and enjoying common interests and activities. Choose a hobby like hiking, or biking, anything that you enjoy doing together and spend the day doing it! Make it a New Year’s to remember.

8. Romantic Movie

Nothing like a romantic movie to make you realize how glad you are to have one another. Spend this night with a movie about love, a big box of popcorn, and a glass of wine.

Try one or some of these ideas out for your New Year’s date this year! Let us know you’re favorite and worst New Year’s date ideas. And of course, remember the champagne! Cheers!


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