Play Heroes of Newerth? Get ready to load some Live Rounds

| by Natasha Shine

To all you gamers out there, get ready to lock and load with some special ammo, cause we’re bringing you a new app that will change your gaming experience!


Introducing Live Rounds!

Today, we’re excited to announce the closed beta launch of a new and awesome app called Live Rounds. Live Rounds is a joint collaboration between Overwolf and Rounds for all you Heroes of Newerth fans. Ever wanted to be able to see and hear your friends in game without a second screen? Well, this app lets you connect to your friends with webcam and voice chat all over the world, for free.

This revolutionary app will create a room and give you a code to invite your friends with that is completely private. You’ll be able to see (and hear) up to 5 your friends in game in a safe room that only you can give people access to.

To get this awesome new app and start mowing down your opponents, click here to register for the beta!

If you’re interested in learning more, go to the Rounds Live page here.

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