Ready to change the way you game with your friends? Live Rounds is Here!

| by Natasha Shine

Ready to change the way you game with your friends? It’s time to bring the next level of communication to gaming!


Introducing Live Rounds, the video chat for gamers. Using Live Rounds, teams of up to 5 people can video chat and interact while playing. It highlights Rounds HD video chatting technology, merging communication and entertainment into one seamless experience.

To celebrate the launch of Live Rounds open beta, Overwolf, Rounds and Heroes of Newerth are hosting an epic streaming contest AND a giveaway. The streaming contest will have players stream their Heroes of Newerth gameplay while using Live Rounds and will be able to win some Plantronics headsets. In the giveaway, you and your party members will need to use Live Rounds while playing Heroes of Newerth. This will unlock a code giving you and your friends the fan favorite Black Legion avatar set, valued at $50 USD, which includes:

  • Quintan the Black Legionnaire (Ultimate Avatar)
  • Unum the Black Legion Martyr
  • Dyad the Black Legion Smith
  • Troika the Black Legion Engineer
  • Tetra the Black Legion Scout.

Participation in both the giveaway and the streaming contest are limited to players located in the Americas and the European Union.

To find our more about Live Rounds click here




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