Rounds is joining Kik!

| by Natasha Shine

Hey you, amazing and beautiful people from all over the world who use Rounds. We love you so much. Do you know that we’ve, like, been around since 2009? Yes, this is us signing off and saying goodbye. You’re probably familiar with only one or two of our products, but we had quite a few during this long ride. Here Read More

Using JIRA to manage the continuous release of multiple mobile apps

| by Martha Funston (Release Manager)

Four apps. Two platforms. One week development cycles. One board to rule them all.   A little while back at Rounds we decided to make a big change. Rather than focusing most of our energy on a single app, we decided to branch out. Within the span of a week we were working on four separate apps (Rounds iOS, Rounds Android, Read More

Easy logging with logrotate and supervisord

| by Doody Parizada

Hi, I’m Doody, a senior backend developer here at Rounds. Today I’d like to present a simple way for efficient, long log rotation. At Rounds we use supervisord to keep our servers up and running. Supervisord is a daemon that monitors selective apps, restarting them according to specific rules e.g. when they crash. One feature supervisord provides is log handling. Read More

Partial Updates in Couchbase using Go Reflect Package, Part 1

| by David Bolshoy (System Architect)

Hey there! Here’s David, a System Architect at Rounds. We continue our Go series by showing some neat stuff that can be done using the reflection package. We will learn how Go can examine and alter the internal structure of its runtime objects, and how this can be utilized to create useful generic code (even though Go does not support generics yet). But first, Read More

Collecting User Data and Usage

| by Ory (Senior Back End Developer)

Hey Rounders! I’m Ory, a backend developer here at Rounds. Today I’d like to present our internal data and event flows. Knowing what our users are doing with our app is important – What they like, what they don’t, quality of our video calls, etc. . Gathering and storing this information however, is quite a task – especially when we Read More

Rounds Raises $12M from Sequoia Capital and Samsung Ventures!

| by Ilan Leibovich

We are super excited to announce today, that we have raised $12M in series B funding led by Sequoia Capital with participation from Samsung Ventures and our existing investors Verizon Ventures, DFJ’s Tim Draper and Rhodium. The funding will help us expand our team, continue our growth and further develop the product. With now more than 25 millions users from Read More

Ready to change the way you game with your friends? Live Rounds is Here!

| by Natasha Shine

Ready to change the way you game with your friends? It’s time to bring the next level of communication to gaming! Introducing Live Rounds, the video chat for gamers. Using Live Rounds, teams of up to 5 people can video chat and interact while playing. It highlights Rounds HD video chatting technology, merging communication and entertainment into one seamless experience. Read More

Play Heroes of Newerth? Get ready to load some Live Rounds

| by Natasha Shine

To all you gamers out there, get ready to lock and load with some special ammo, cause we’re bringing you a new app that will change your gaming experience! Introducing Live Rounds! Today, we’re excited to announce the closed beta launch of a new and awesome app called Live Rounds. Live Rounds is a joint collaboration between Overwolf and Rounds Read More

One tmux to Rule Them All

| by Aviv Laufer

  At Rounds, we have quite a few servers that we deploy across multiple cloud providers. We always aim everything will be done automatically. We use Ansible for minimizing cases where we have to SSH into a machine. However, in real life we do need from time to time to perform some manual tasks on the servers. Since we are Read More

The Road To Crash Free Nirvana

| by Yohay Barsky

Rounds is experiencing tremendous growth these days, and we can’t afford for a single crash to slip through our defenses. This is why we relentlessly fight crashes and proudly provide a 99.8% “user crash free” Android app (according to “Answers by Crashlytics”) . How do we do this? Well, in addition to our rigorous testing process, we implement many best Read More