Coolest Themed Restaurants

| by Natasha Shine

Ever feel like your meals are a bit boring? Sick of the same old routine of sitting at a table and having a normal lunch or dinner? Well, then it’s time to shake things up a bit! Check out these cool themed restaurants that range from beautiful scenery to crazy concepts and even plain weird.

1. Dinner In The Sky- Global

If you have a fear of heights, stay away! If you don’t and are willing to pay, you can make a reservation and eat 50 meters above ground. So buckle up, enjoy the gourmet meal, and please, don’t drop your knife!



2.  Toilet Restaurant – Taiwan

In Taipei, locals enjoy eating off toilet shaped plates while seated on toilet seats. If one is in need of a napkin, he can just roll up some toilet paper! What we are mostly curious about is: What do the restrooms look like?



3. Under Sea Restaurant – Republic of Maldives

Five meters below the surface of the Indian ocean, with a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean, this themed restaurant won’t disappoint you. The cuisine is unique, the setting is phenomenal, and you don’t have to wonder if the fish on your plate is fresh!


4. Diner In The Dark – United States

If you are sick of looking at your companion, this is the place for you! As you eat in the dark, all your other senses are enhanced, turning mealtime into a mind-blowing and flavorful experience.  However, if you have  never practiced eating in pitch darkness, we recommend you don’t wear your most expensive outfit.



5. Smashing Plates – Philippines

‘Don’t eat when you are angry!’  This restaurant takes that saying very seriously as you are allowed to release your anger by throwing plates against the wall! So relieve your hunger, and relieve your stress and anger as you have a blast at the one and only Smashing Plates restaurant.



6. Le Train Gourmand – France

In France, this small restaurant serves you tapas on a little train that chugs around the tables… the food is supposed to be great, plus it takes you back to your childhood! So choo-choo your food well, and enjoy this fantasy mealtime. Bon Appetit!



7. Volcano Barbecue – Spain

Tired of the usual Sunday barbecue? At Volcano Barbecue your meat is cooked over a volcano! A hole in the ground captures the geothermal heat from a nearby volcano and cooks the food, making this the coolest barbecue known to man!



8. Greenhouse Restaurant – Holland

This restaurant has not only a beautiful design, but an eco-friendly one! The vegetables are cooked on premises and served fresh, and the entire restaurant is based on the love, respect, and preservation of our planet. It’s simple, it’s delicious, and most importantly, its organic!


9. Ice restaurant – Dubai

In the middle of the hot and sunny Dubai, this restaurant is entirely made of ice. The cups are ice crystal and the furniture resembles little glaciers. When in Dubai, we recommend this restaurant to chill out…



10. Ninja Restaurant – United States

Test your ninja warrior skills in Down Town New York where your meal is served by armed, agile, and dangerous ninja waiters! Make sure to be alert throughout the mealtime as the ninja waiters may jump out waving swords or shouting “Hai Ya!” at any moment.



Know any other themed restaurants? Or perhaps you have an idea for your own unique mealtime experience? Comment below and share them with us!


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