Using JIRA to manage the continuous release of multiple mobile apps

| by Martha Funston (Release Manager)

Four apps. Two platforms. One week development cycles. One board to rule them all.   A little while back at Rounds we decided to make a big change. Rather than focusing most of our energy on a single app, we decided to branch out. Within the span of a week we were working on four separate apps (Rounds iOS, Rounds Android, Read More

Easy logging with logrotate and supervisord

| by Doody Parizada

Hi, I’m Doody, a senior backend developer here at Rounds. Today I’d like to present a simple way for efficient, long log rotation. At Rounds we use supervisord to keep our servers up and running. Supervisord is a daemon that monitors selective apps, restarting them according to specific rules e.g. when they crash. One feature supervisord provides is log handling. Read More

Partial Updates in Couchbase using Go Reflect Package, Part 1

| by David Bolshoy (System Architect)

Hey there! Here’s David, a System Architect at Rounds. We continue our Go series by showing some neat stuff that can be done using the reflection package. We will learn how Go can examine and alter the internal structure of its runtime objects, and how this can be utilized to create useful generic code (even though Go does not support generics yet). But first, Read More

Want to Integrate Rounds on Your Application or Website?

| by Natasha Shine

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