How to Track your Pets using Technology

| by Natasha Shine

Gone are the days of “Missing” signs for our beloved pets. Gone are the days of endless searches and the fear of not knowing where your cute puppy or cat is. With today’s technology, you can be sure to avoid such a fear-inducing experience by equipping your furry friend with a pet tracker device. See below for our list of technological ways to make sure you never lost your beloved pet!


GPS Technology

Pet tracking today uses GPS. Although GPS technology has been around for a few decades, it has only recently become more affordable and available for personal use. By using GPS technology to track or find a missing pet, the chances of finding your pet have significantly improved. Today, it’s possible to place a GPS pet trackers on pet collars, so your pet is constantly being tracked if you happen to lose control of the leash or leave the front door open.

Smartphone Apps

Rather than spending hours scouring your neighborhood and nearby pet shelters, with the help of a Pet Tracking app (such as the picture below), all you have to do is check your smartphone for an update of his or her exact location. A tracking unit is attached to your pet’s collar and you can then follow the movement of your pet by looking at a map displayed on your smartphone. You’ll be given a map of your pet’s exact location and even directions on how to get to where your pet is located. You’ll have your loving pet back in no time when you use this app!


Implanting microchips into pets has become a popular trend with newborn domestic pets. Microchip IDs are implanted under your pet’s skin with a needle by a veterinarian. The microchip contains a signal that can be read by a scanner. The scanner will show the pet owner’s personal information so that the pet owner be contacted when a missing pet is found.


Imagine always knowing where your pet is and never having to deal with the ultimate fear of a pet that ran away. Thanks to new innovations in technology, that fear will never become a reality. Technology sure has come a long way, and will only continue to improve. Would you use these tactics to track your lost pet? Let us know in the comments section below!



  • I’d like to be able to track and locate my dog via microchip and my iPhone

  • oh my god,this is very good,i hope you can write more about it.

  • Hi there. I just wan to no if the collars are available in South-Africa. Cause the microchip does not work. Say some one steals your pet and then you are screwed. I think tracking your pet self is great.

  • Why do we pet owners not have a GPS microchip implant, for our pets yet? Surely the technology is now available. I’m sure it would be extremely profitable. I have Maine coon cats (9) and would not put a cooler on them as it would ruin their main’s. Please make something like this

  • Yes. My kitty has been missing for a month now. It is SO frustrating that although microchiped he can’t be found. Animal Control has no to date reports on my kitty. Unless my kitty is deceased he won’t be scanned. I have put up approx 16 flyers (thanks to a kind and loving carein friend) So true that the “unknowing” is a very upsetting and sad place to be. Family’s (all members) feel the loss of their pets. They are a family member thats loved and effects the entire home. With all the new technology these days there must be something that could track the old microchips in animals. I understand the purpose of scanning the microchips but it seems the only purpose is if the animal is deceased. God bless the honest people that find a lost pet and have sense to have the animal scanned and try to get the owner reunited with the pet. It takes no more then about 20 minutes to check and make aware the resources. If there is a way to track my kitty no GPS (yet) please please contact me. Thank you….I feel my kitty is close by ???? Penny O.

  • This is a perfect app for hunters and for traveling.

  • Yes where can I buy it, for my three cats.

  • My cat went missing almost a year ago and we are still broken hearted by it. She was inoculated AND microchipped like all our cats. But someone has to read it to find the owners..if this doesn’t happen there’s no way of knowing where they are. Anyone know if a LEGITIMATE under-skin gps chip is available or when it may become available? Thanks

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