5 Ways to Help that Spring Break Hangover

| by Natasha Shine

Spring Break is finally here! After months of being stuck behind that desk it is finally time to get out and let loose. Unfortunately, where there is a party, there is usually a hangover. Here are some ways to help ease the pain of that Spring Break hangover!

1. Drink Water

This may seem like an obvious one, but drinking does dehydrate you. By making sure you drink lots of water BEFORE you go to bed you will feel a lot better in the morning.


2. Eat Something

Eating something with Carbs like bread or a greasy meal from Denny’s is a great way to soak up some of that alcohol and settle your stomach so you can get a good nights sleep, and not wake up wanting to puke.


3. Excercise

Different forms of exercise like running or yoga can sweat the toxins right out of your body.


4. Sleep it Off

sleeping off a hangover
Sometimes when you feel like crap the best remedy is to just sleep off the hangover. However, this is sometimes not a choice with work or other early commitments….but then who’s fault is it that you went out drinking when you know you had to wake up early?


5. Wasabi Detoxification

Wasabi increases blood circulation through organs and promotes oxygenation of cellular tissue which helps clear cells of metabolic waste. And because as much as a third of toxic body waste is released through the skin, soaking in wasabi can be a perfect way of getting rid of those toxins.


Found a hangover cure that works for you? Add it to our list with a comment below!


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